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TAAS™ for COVID-19

As I sit here today after more than 24 without sleep, I am flooded with examples of people utilizing their assets and advantages to drive incredible outcomes. I have spent 3 days working with incredible teams to get major medical manufacturing up and running in Buffalo, NY. I have seen mountains be moved as people get clear on their TAAS™ and know exactly how their assets and advantages can be an important piece to a very complex puzzle.

Knowing your Advantages can and will create significant opportunities and while I would generally suggest using your Advantages to create opportunity within your core business, today I challenge you to identify your assets and advantages in preparation for tomorrows exercise in Advantage drivers.


A- What are your key ADVANTAGES and ASSETS as an organization? What advantages do you have that others don’t? Do you have specific skills in something (relationships, resources, specializations, experiences, branding, processes, logistic, supply chain, etc.?

  • What are you good at?

  • Why do you win?

  • What do you do that the competition doesn’t?

  • What makes you unique?

  • What do you have accesses to that others may not?

  • How are you specialized?

Example: To continue on yesterday’s example, as we see car manufactures like @GM @Tesla utilizing their manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, processes, quality regulations and resources, it is a perfect example of companies knowing what their assets and advantage are and then being able to effectively deploying them where they can provide the most value.

Additionally, Companies that have established a culture of trust, communication and flexibility have been able to utilize that advantage by pivoting work models overnight without disruption through COVID-19.

If you are looking to be a part of the solution right now, spend a little time getting clear on your key advantages, pull from your old SWOT analysis, from employees, venders, past successes, etc.

Contact me with questions and for more information on exercises to help identify your key assets and advantages

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