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Have you thought about how your strategy needs to pivot through #COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The Create a Monster (CAM)™ Strategy and Business consulting program has been an exclusive service provided to direct connections, however as continues to consume our minds, I want to offer a series of posts to help you build out your #TAAS.

TAAS™ is part of a discovery-based approach to understanding your business and using that acute understanding to build, grow and strategically plan.

Today is brought to you by the letter T (#sesamestreet)

T- Start to think about TRENDS that you need to be aware of- because we are doing this exercise in a COVID-19 environment I would suggest asking yourself these questions:

·What are the industry trends that you need to be aware of?

· What is happening in today’s COVID-19 environment that you need to know?

· What trends are you seeing?

· Where is the market going?

· What is happening today is important, but what does tomorrow look like for your business?

· What are some positive/negative trends in your organization and how could you utilize them to create solutions?

· What/who are the monsters under the bed? - what might you be missing? What could be hidden from you right now or maybe something you can’t see due to crises mode?

· Could your segmentation change?

· What was your demographic- is it changing during this time? Should it?

· Think about the Jobs to be done Model- (another post on this shortly)

Example- right now we are seeing factories convert to manufacturing spaces for medical essentials, will these companies grow into new medical device competitors? We are also seeing companies shift to remote working environments- this will alter our thinking and processes forever, are you holding on to the past of becoming a part of the new norm?

**The TAAS™ exercise usually involves broad group perspective, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn how others perceive inside your business, perceive your business. If you would like to send a survey to your employees to gain access to their thinking, please reach me at This is a great way to engage your employees from home to build something bigger and stronger, but also, to leverage your business as it is today.

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