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I am working with incredible teams to help procure#covid19 supplies. As I engage with start-ups, inventors, CEOs and politicians to create new solutions, I have seen people along the way make some very self destructive decisions that could cost them their companies and/or their teams.

If you knew what would cause your destruction, would it help you make decisions? It should.

How could you create a self destruction model for your company? How could you model all the ways to take yourself do you figure it out before they do?

S- What are you doing that you need to STOP doing and what could cause you to SELF-DESTRUCT?

Think about what you are doing in moments of crises- are you freezing and thinking about this moment only and not the future? Are you personally forgoing all that you have learned about leadership when you are tested under stressful circumstances?

  • If I was your competitor, how could I take you out?

  • What are the thoughts, processes and behaviors that are doing more harm than good?

  • What are your blind spots as an organization? Can you think of ways to help yourself identify them?

  • What innovations are you dismissing that will leapfrog you?

  • What have you skipped investing in now that will lower your value in the future?

Example: The innovation, thinking, habits and technology that will come out of COVID-19 will be unprecedented. The companies that have invested in innovation, pipeline, strategy and creative thinking processes will run circles around those who relied on cash cows and stable profits.

The time to focus on strategy is when things are going well; if you have done that, that’s great, use this time to review assumptions and key inputs to identify pivot points. If you don’t have a strategy in place, I would suggest putting a short term one in place. I know it sounds crazy when you are managing through chaos to think about strategy, and I am not suggesting a 3-day retreat but taking the time to see the whole picture has the potential to alter the future of your organization forever.

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