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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

As we adjust to new schedules that are “calendar- open” but busy all at the same time, I hope that you have been able to step back from the chaos and think about your #strategy. I am seeing a lot of “wartime” strategies/tactics at the moment and while I understand that sometimes you just need to get things done and throw the rules out the window, this can lead to future disasters, half-baked thinking and careless errors along the way.

If you saw my previous post and you have had a chance to identify your ADVANTAGES and ASSETS (AA), let’s move that thinking into action.

A-Advantage Drivers

· What are you doing to best leverage your AA’s?

· What could be gained by focusing on something you do well?

· How could you help others get clear on your advantages and assets?

· How could you utilize these AA’s in areas you may never have before?

· What processes could be leveraged elsewhere?

Could your AA’s be leveraged in this COVID-19 environment? Could you utilize skills, relationships, resources, specializations, experiences, branding, processes, logistic, supply chain, etc. to create solutions to a global crisis?

Example: Clothing manufacturers like #Gap, #Nike are making masks for healthcare workers. They have assets in almost every area listed above, but the most valuable advantages they have over the other kindhearted people that want to help are equipment, scale and branding. They using their advantages to create greater good, could you?

Tip: Creativity exercise are a great way to get some out-of-the-box thinking going on this.

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